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1) In God, we trust

2) Honesty is the most important principle.

3) People of every religion, ethnicity, skin color and country are respected.

4) In trading we do not just consider our benefits, We pay attention to our suppliers, partners & customer interests, too. and respect them.

5) We don’t trade products or services that they are detriment of people and the international community.

6) We attempt for global peace and we are not looking for oppression.

7) Our promises are more important than money and our benefits.

8) Our preference is long-term relationships based on friendship, honesty and mutual benefits. And we understand our suppliers, customers, partners& friends in different situations.

9) We welcome new ideas and with the help of the Almighty God we’ll build a better life for ourselves and the world. And make the world a better place to live.

10) The justice is for everyone in our organization. Everyone needs to grow according to his/her abilities and efforts.

11) The efficiency and efforts of members in our organization is more important than their gender, color & nationality.

12) We respect to occupational health and ergonomics, and we believe that people should enjoy their work.

13) We believe the greatest wealth for anyone is him/herself.

14) We strive to give our customers the highest quality.

15) What to buy and what to sell most important factor for us is quality. And we're not out of the working class.

16) Anyone or any company is considered honest for us, unless some strong evidences exist against to them.  



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